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Hear from our neighbors

"As a resident and homeowner of Sausalito, I believe that this project will enhance our community while respecting the city's regulations and guidelines. Anyone calling into question whether this project will detract from the character of the neighborhood are missing the point: the character of a neighborhood is made by the people living in it, not by the structures themselves.

Leah G, Sausalito Resident

We worked hard to align our needs with the needs of the City of Sausalito based on the latest general plan. Distinctive Design, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability and Contributing to Sausalito's Housing Goals are all core features of our renovation project. 

  • Contemporary craftsman aesthetic, featuring structural pergolas and exposed beams of sustainable pine wood

  • Juxtaposed natural wood and glass features throughout 

  • Shou sugi ban-style siding sustainably replicates the look and feel of Japanese burnt cedar

  • Open front garden walkway leading to reclaimed porthole front door

  • Solar panels cover all available areas of the South-facing roof

  • Sustainable, fire-rated Millboard® composite siding is made of recycled materials.

  • Tesla batteries will capture unused solar energy for future use

  • High energy efficiency windows by Bonelli to minimize solar heat gain and maximize heat insulation

  • Exclusively native, pollinator-friendly, and drought-resistant landscaping choices

Solving Problems Before They Exist

  • The ADU (yellow area above) contributes toward Sausalito’s General Plan for increasing available housing. Sausalito needs to add an additional 724 housing units by 2030.

  • One-bedroom unit on the ground floor of the property is a great apartment for a single young person.


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